I Ms. Yogeshwari happy to be a part of PTA Committee of St. Joseph’s Indian Primary School and would like to thank for selecting me as a part of PTA team for the year 2020-2022.

The school has conducted many events in spite of the pandemic, like cultural, sports event etc., which was very crucial on this present situation and have given huge attention on each PTA members for organizing any event

“Teamwork divides the task And multiplies the success”

Not only as a parent, but as a PTA member we joined our hands together with the school PTA Committee. It has given an immense success to all the events.

We also got a great opportunity to express our own talent and ideas to have comprehension about the staff & Institution

As a PTA member they consider our suggestions without any second thought. School management has offered us with good greeting all the time with smile on face.

The School heads took great efforts on organizing all the events. We feel proud to be a part of PTA committee of St Joseph’s Indian Primary School.

School has such a pleasing environment and hygienic. They concentrate on the academic so well and also they encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities. School environment has spacious ground and they train the students in sports, music, dance etc.,

I feel very happy as a parent and PTA member to travel with the Institution to have a pleasing journey and do the best for the betterment of the Institution. THANK YOU


It’s great pleasure to thank school management for giving me an opportunity to be a part of PTA team as a member and also PTA Vice- President for the year (2020-2021)

Teacher’s day was the right time, we got an opportunity to thank all the heads of the school, teachers and supportive staff who were facing challenges against the pandemic and it was a wonderful experience conducting the Teacher's Day function, it was not just fun movement it was a motivation for all the teachers and management staff who are also a covid Warrior

I like to thank for creating an environment of safety and regularity in these days.

I express my gratitude for communicating with families beyond our normal working hours. Thank you for your empathy, patience, and perseverance.

We see you and salute your selflessness.

Arun Amarnath J
PTA Vice- President (2020-2021) .

I am very much glad to be a PTA member in St. Joseph’s Indian Primary school since from the year 2020-2021.I got this opportunity in the first year of my sons admission and was happy to be a part of it. It’s a good experience interacting with school management staff and parents. Management staff had always given the space for collaboration, organizing events and programs.

Staff was very friendly and open with us welcoming our ideas and implementations. Always felt we are one among them as a family in the school working for a common goal.

Regular PTA meetings helped get a positive outcome by way of discussion between school management and parents about the core issues for improvement of learning which could be solved with a good working relationship between parents, teachers and principal of the school.

Also, to discuss common issues concerning school, to share our ideas, experiences, suggest changes in an effective way to improve the school. There’s no better way to catch up with all that is happening in school apart from this platform.

About school Premises, it is a very spacious and beautiful building, situated in the heart of the city. They have a huge playground where children can play various outdoor games.

Very cleanly maintained surrounding and well-organized parking area. And they have a hygiene canteen in the school along with a big auditorium for organizing events. Well-equipped Computer and Science lab for Practical learning. Also, they have a big library section to enhance students’ knowledge.

School staff encourage students for extra co-curricular activities like Sports, Singing, Dancing etc. All the academic syllabus and activities are well planned and organized by the teachers without any hurdles.

Overall, a very recommended institution for students learning and education. Am very happy that my children are studying in this school and thanks to the Management for providing all the opportunities given to me.

Tejaswini J